The 2 Types of Sex Chat Sites

sex chat types

There are tons of different sex chat sites out there. However, if you boil it down, just about every one of them will ultimately fall into one of two encompassing genres.

Type 1: private sex chatting

The first of these two genres are adult chat sites where it’s free to chat and interact with people on cam. This type is more focused around conversing behind closed doors in private sex shows. Private sessions are usually done on a traditional 1-on-1, pay-per-minute basis and have more of a personal touch.

Example: WhoaGirls

whoagirls sex chat

A great example of a live sex chat site that does this well is WhoaGirls. Their chat rooms are completely free to use, and you can publicly talk with any of the girls on cam. However, the most appealing part of their website is the focus on having more personal conversations in private cam-to-cam sessions.

Example: iHeartGuys

iheartguys gay chat

Another good example is iHeartGuys, a pretty popular gay chat site that also takes the personal route of private cam shows. They have an awesome free gay chat community that you don’t need to spend a dime on to be part of.

All things considered, there’s nothing wrong with this type of chat genre. In fact, many people prefer the private 1-on-1 style so that they can forge better relationships with the people they meet on cam.

Type 2: party-style chat rooms

The second type of adult chat site is a party-chat style. This genre consists of live sex cams that are completely free to watch, chat, and interact with. However, this style is more focused around having a group/party theme instead of private 1-on-1 shows.

The party theme is a growing genre, which may be what’s becoming the more desired chat genre of the two. In fact, we have a bit of evidence that may suggest the free party theme is what many people want in a live sex chat site.

Let me introduce you to LiveJasmin – one of the most popular and recognized live sex cam sites which takes the route of pay-per-minute private sex shows.

According to Google Trends, their statistics have been somewhat on the decline since 2013:


You may be wondering, “Why are they losing traffic?”

Well, they’re not losing traffic as much as they’re losing market-share.

Now check this out…

Chaturbate is an incredibly popular sex cam site which uses the party-style of live cams. They’ve been skyrocketing in popularity since 2013 – shortly after their debut in 2012.


Do you see the correlation?

So which type is better?

The Google Trends graphs above show what people are actually searching for, which could be a point in the right direction for which type of adult chat site the public thinks is better.

To put it simply, there could be some indications that the private sex chat genre is becoming a tad less popular, and people are beginning to gravitate towards free party-themed sites.

However, it’s always important to use a site that’s best suited for your needs, which is why we suggest using our free interactive tool to discover a sex chat site that’s a perfect fit for you.

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